Saturday, March 29, 2008


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Winter has been long and brutal in a way it hasn't been for years up here. When temperatures are still below normal at the end of March, you learn to be thankful for small things like living on the north side of the street so that at least the snow has melted on your lawn while your neighbors still have piles of white remaining. While waiting for spring to come, I'm reaching back into my photos from last summer to remember what things are like up here when it is not a frozen wasteland.

Fort Snelling was one of our favorite bike destinations. I wish I could post the smell of the sweet prairie grasses in June so everyone can understand why people live in places like Minnesota. We came upon this fleet of spider webs sailing on their tall masts in the sea of prairie surrounding the fort. A whole colony of spiders had chosen this as the base for their activity. Not knowing much about the secret lives of insects, this was one of the most beautful and profoundly strange things I have ever stumbled upon.

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