Monday, April 21, 2008

$30 Worth of Bitching

I could go make a court appearance & get the ticket reversed, but this seemed more satisfying...

April 15, 2008

Dear Friends at the Traffic Violations Bureau,

I had planned on contesting this ticket because at the time it was issued I was walking as fast as my six months pregnant body could carry and ended up returning approximately five minutes late to my meter. The officer that was issuing the ticket as I arrived at the car and saw my state indicated that there was nothing he could do to reverse his action. I am, however, enclosing a check for this ticket, because being now seven months pregnant I have even less will and energy to haul myself into downtown St. Paul, pay for parking, and contest this ticket in person. I hope that you are able to put the $30 to good use.

I would suggest, however, the following changes to the situation that led to this ticket:
1) Do something about parking around the capital. On the day I received the ticket, I was exercising my right as a citizen by meeting with my state representative. As a person with temporary mobility issues, I was forced to park at a meter with a short expiration time because walking great distances is challenging for me. The current lack of real parking solutions inhibits access to the government decision makers who are elected and serve at the pleasure of the citizens of the state of Minnesota. We should be able to easily connect with these public servants.

2) Please enable your officers to reverse tickets when faced with a legitimate reason for parking violation and/or allow people to contest tickets in some other manner besides a personal appearance. I understand that this will affect the revenue received from tickets, but honestly, you’ve probably spent my $30 on the administration of this ticket already.

Thank you for hearing my concerns.


Charlotte Flowers

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Julie said...

I love it! Please let us know if they write you back. As if they would.

Hope your 7-months pregnant body is getting along ok.