Saturday, May 17, 2008

First Petunias

It happened in the blink of an eye. There are leaves on the trees, the kids are outside playing freeze tag, and I'm back taking naps on the porch. Thanks to wonderful Josh, the garden went in on time even though the enormity of my pregnant belly limited my participation to planning, shopping, and putting in these beautiful purple petunias out front. This is the easiest time of year to live in the moment. Each breath is scented with the fragrance of flowering trees and the mild air makes me realize that I haven't unhunched my shoulders in months. I want to hold onto the light wispy edges of these days as they pass by gently.

Planting a garden, having a child - these are acts of faith. Every year when the seeds go in, I think there's no way that they will turn into the good things that I love to eat later in the summer. Having perrenials around gives me hope because they are a sign that the plants know what they are doing. I have sought stillness in these last weeks that I'm sharing my body with this baby. Limbs are recognizable sometimes as he surfs inside me and I can feel the system that has helped him grow all these months starting to break down. I don't know when he will arrive, only that he is coming in one profound liminal act where I get to be the door.
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Julie said...

This reflection is lovely, Charlotte. You make me feel it, though it's been spring (even summer) here for some time.

Please keep us posted as the garden, and the baby, keep growing.

Josh said...

You're right! I actually AM pretty wonderful. Thanks very much.