Sunday, June 27, 2010


Just when I thought I couldn't fall anymore in love with Minnesota, I found a book that got me even more excited about getting to know my home state. This seems to be a travelling summer with trips planned to both "ancestral homes" of Josh and me. Maybe I'm seeking balance in our travels for this chosen home of ours - a chance to get to know this place more deeply and go beyond the usual places that we love to haunt. So I have some plans for a few state park day trips this year. My main focus is to go in search of more prairie and to explore the ocean of plants that is the hallmark of the southern part of the state. Also intriguing - river bluffs and a herd of wild bison!

In the past few years, I've mostly eschewed the travel bug that I have in exchange for focusing on building a stable house and home. My new quest of intrastate travel seems the perfect marriage of the two. The focus of my thirties has been, well, focus. I've worked to balance my usual desire for wide expanses and broad experiences with opportunities to explore the depths of a few carefully identified most beloved things. This new idea seems to fit well into this theme with the added bonus of being able to be implemented on a long time frame at a slow pace.

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