Sunday, May 15, 2011

Almost Time

The sun came out and it's what passes for warm this spring today. I put the seedlings outside (tomatoes and peppers) for the process of hardening them off - getting them used to being outside a little bit before I plant them permanently in the bed next weekend. I suppose we're technically past the frost date, but I wanted to let the soil warm up a little bit more. I've also been fighting a spring cold so I'm requiring a lot of horizontal time in between bursts of yard work.

It's been hard to get motivated to get out there and grow things this year. It's been cool and rainy in terms of weather and pretty heavy on the emotional front as I'm poised to make the big transition on the work front. I'm grateful for all my perennials that grow independent of my energy levels. Less grateful for the weeds that are making it a bit scruffy out there. We'll see what becomes of the growing season of 2011. Charlie tells me it's fun to go out and garden with me so maybe as there's more time each day for him and me, I can baby step my way to a good harvest.
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