Wednesday, March 14, 2012



We're in the heartburn- and waddle-inducing huge belly homestretch of this pregnancy now. By the end of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, I will surely be crying "Uncle!" as I wait out the last few uncomfortable weeks in the baby countdown.
On the plus side for this pregnancy: I've felt pretty the whole time and have now had the experience of people telling me I look great during pregnancy. I was definitely not the cute pregnant lady in the last two pregnancies, so this is a novelty. My wedding ring still fits and it's been easier to control my weight this time around. I've also found that the way this baby's DNA mixes with mine has made me a bit more ummmm....assertive throughout the pregnancy. I have to say I like this take-no-guff or prisoners enhancement as much as I enjoyed the way being pregnant with Charlie made me mellower. Our children give us so much right from the start.
On the minus side: I've never really had a point where I've felt good during this pregnancy. Although all tests show mom and baby are completely healthy, it has been a physical chore to carry this babe.
In the last few weeks we've laid in the few extra supplies we need for our new gal or guy, and soon I'll be sending my boys digging in the upstairs closets for the rest of the feathers for my nest. The eagerness to get to know this little one on the outside is ramping up daily.

(This is the proof that Josh took these pictures because no one else can make me laugh this hard)

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Julie said...

Oh, beautiful pregnant lady! This post almost made me cry. I am so happy to see you so happy, so healthy looking, to full of new life! I can't wait to hear more about this little babe and the new family life that emerges around him or her.