Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I have a partner in all the photography I have been doing this year. Charlie found an old 35mm film camera of mine and begged me to make it work so he could take pictures. The cost of a new battery and some film was a cheap price to pay for having a built-in photo buddy. Now he has moved onto our old point-and-shoot digital camera and continues to take pictures everyday, just like his mama. His vision and enthusiasm is inspiring mine.
We developed the first roll of film he shot and he cut and pasted most of them into a collage, but I held back some that were particularly beautiful. First, I forgot how wonderful film photography is since it has been so long since I've done any. Second, it is wonderful to see the world as Charlie sees it. In addition to inspiring my photography, the way he sees our world has encouraged me in another one of my goals: to be at peace with things as they are. Charlie sees beauty in many of the things I have looked at only with critical eyes. This has caused me to look again at the things of our everydays with a renewed love rooted in the knowledge that our life is beautiful to my little boys.
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