Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ten Months Old

Yesterday the baby known as Mr. Butters/Bud McGud/Mookie/Glurk turned ten months old. We are in the home stretch of the first year. All cliches about how fast it goes apply.

He's become an amazingly independent kid, playing for long stretches on the floor with his basket of toys, working hard to develop the muscles he needs to be mobile, or jumping enthusiastically in his jumper. He stops to fuss if his diaper needs changing, or he's hungry, or got himself stuck, or is tired, but goes right back to it once his basic needs are met. He loves music, coming to sharp attention when someone sings or loving his toy that plays Mozart when he presses the buttons.

Socially, he likes to stare at someone until they notice and return his gaze. Then he will look away with a wry smile, knowing he won because he "made you look." The wonderful babbling continues ranging from whispers to squeals. He likes to click with his tongue and will click back and forth with someone in his first attempts at conversation. His smiles are a gift, especially when the dimple below his right eye shows. His main position is thoughtful, so we all work extra hard to make him laugh, and when he does, it is an earthy belly laugh.

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