Thursday, June 20, 2013

High Five!

Who's five years old today? This guy.

I've taken to calling him Chuckles (which is cool because he conveniently has his own candy that I was able to procure as a birthday present), and it's true that he's always good for a laugh even when he makes you want to cry sometimes. Our man, Charles is hard core. Last night as Ellis and I were attempting to stealthily wrap his presents, he stood outside the door telling us exactly what we should write on the wrapping paper. I think the phrase I hear most from him is, "That's not what I want." Sometimes makes me think we should have named him Will.

But that's not the whole story, because the other phrase that I hear from him most is, "Mom, you're so beautiful," as he slathers me with kisses and tells me he loves me so. Kid's smart enough to know that he needs to have good credit if he's going to make so many darn withdrawals.
Happy birthday to the dude who never fails to notice the way everything is and always believes that he can change it into what he wants it to be. I admire your spunk, kid, just try to take it easier on your old mom this year.
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