Thursday, September 11, 2008

Soundtrack to a Transformative Summer

I spent the last half of my summer with Old Man Luedecke's album Proof of Love on heavy rotation. There are many artists who reach a deep spiritual place in me, but I have come across few who seem to have an almost identical spiritual vision to mine. He sees the importance of fully embracing this world and this life with a sense of hope and faith that comes from experiencing the rough and the beautiful aspects of a life lived to full intensity.

The words from the song "Just Like A River" have become another motto for my life: "Hard work and hope trump hard luck and trouble. This world is it. We will make it our home."

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butterflydiamondpancake said...

I hate that my cover is blown.
I didn't even know that I had a cover, which makes it even worse. Bummer.