Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Craft Catastrophe/Craft-stravaganza

Last week in the middle of cutting fringe for a poncho that I was making, I accidentally made a little cut in my Paper Denim & Cloth jeans that I splurged on because they were on sale at Anthropologie. My first thought was that the universe was telling me that my flirtation with premium denim was not sustainable. While this may be true, I soon went into problem-solving mode and began searching through etsy shops for a cute patch that will make the jeans still wearable in public settings. As I was shopping, I remembered how I used to make my own patches back in high school and realized there was nothing for sale that I couldn't make myself. This got me thinking that it was also about time for me to order that replacement manual for my grandma's old sewing machine and learn how to use it. Now I'm excitedly waiting for the weekend to hit the fabric stores so I can add some little sewing projects to my knitting as the cold weather creeps in. Problems and solutions are often found in the same place.

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