Friday, October 24, 2008


It's a strange time in life when you hit ages that you remember your parents being. Here's a list of my favorite things from this birthday:
1. Figuring out how to play Ellis's school song on the piano and giving him an impromptu music lesson.
2. Feeding Charlie rice cereal and having him actually eat some this time.
3. The court papers ending a nearly year-long custody battle, signed and saying that he's ours.
4. The surprise birthday cake made by Josh's mom.
5. Listening to Josh read "Many Moons" by James Thurber to Ellis at bedtime.
6. Finding a little time to take pictures and knit during a day home with the little boys.
7. Wearing my "Obama Mama" t-shirt for the first time.
8. The mix cd made by Nate with some awesome new music and some of my old favorites that he discovered independently of me.
9. The fact that the morning started with Josh's car emitting blue smoke and that the the evening began with me going grocery shopping without my wallet, and I still think it was a great birthday.
10. Birthday wishes from old friends on Face Book.
11. Feeling the deep pleasure of stability - how well I know these cities, the deep sexiness of being completely familiar with one person, the way I seem to know the right things to do with my children.
12. Identifying a governing priciple for the next year: never letting my internal monologue keep me from noticing the beauty of the West River Parkway during my evening commute.
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Julie said...

I like this so much: tallying up the memorable moments from the day; recognizing the freedom in stability; finding governing principles to help you retain clarity. Sounds like a very good day, good because you know how to find and make the good.

Happy birthday again, Charlotte! I'm so glad you've found new ways to share your life!