Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer Friday #5

Today was the final day of Ellis's summer camp at Leonardo's Basement in Minneapolis. It was the perfect camp for my little mad scientist, full of imagining and creating things with random stuff like Lego's, boxes, wood, and random household detritus. It was the perfect mix of art, science and technology.
Meanwhile, Charlie and I did a lot of driving around the city on various errands. The music for our ride was a fabulous new mix CD that I received in the mail from my friend, Val. We played a game of "I See," which is, I suppose, like "I Spy," but it's not about solving a riddle rather it's about being in the moment. The game was started by Charlie who shouts out from the back seat, "I see..." when he sees something interesting. Here are some of the things both Charlie and I saw:
  • Many multi-colored Head Start school buses
  • Dogs
  • The Mississippi-Sippi Ribber
  • Clouds
  • A man cleaning the sidewalk with a very loud pressurized hose that scared Charlie and that he talked about for the whole ride home from my office.
  • Rough Blazing Star in bloom all over the medians (there are people who can live happily in cities that don't have prairie flowers all over their public spaces, but I am not one of them)
  • Our neighbor Miranda with her class from Laura Jeffrey Academy who are spending this week biking around the city seeing what they can find and learn about the place we live (I can't tell you how excited I was when she told me about this project)
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