Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gutter Ball

We went bowling. We've done it before. It's one of those rare group activities that can be done with kids with an age spread like ours have. No one is very good. Our top scores are barely above 100 and Ellis has this weirdly successful unorthodox method of play that makes use of the bumpers so he usually ends up winning. Nevertheless, it's usually fun.

Tonight was a disaster, though. All three kids were pulling in their own directions. I could hear myself being strident and angry mom, although no one listened to a single thing I said. Josh and I felt bewildered as parents. And then there was the family in the lanes next to us with the four well-behaved kids who all seemed to like each other. There we were out in public completely sucking as a family. But we will do it again. Winter is long and you need a variety of indoor activities for all those Saturday nights. The thing you learn in long-term relationships is that there will always be another time to get it right. Over time love bears fruit if you work at it.
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