Monday, November 8, 2010

Knitting Season

I bought a bag full of yarn in October and I have been quickly knitting my way through it over the past month. Overly ambitious projects never work for me, so I stick mainly to hats and scarves to spruce up the winter wardrobes of my beloveds. Luckily, in a family of five, someone always needs a new hat. I am nearly finished with my fourth hat and just started a scarf for myself yesterday to match the new green hat I knitted two weeks ago.

There is something wonderful about settling in for a long winter's evening with knitting needles in hand. The repetition is meditative, like a rosary, and for me, process is definitely more rewarding than product. Although, I admit, it is cool when something turns out really well. It's even more cool when my darlings ask me to make a hat for them. They know it's really a transfer of love.

Yesterday, Charlie watched me knit and said, "Mama, are you making yarn?" The kids are interested in the process, too. They are natural little makers and they tune in when they see me making something, too. Is there anything more delightfully, naturally human than to create?

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