Monday, March 28, 2011


Just blocks from our house, the road is torn up because they are constructing the Central Corridor Light Rail line. I can't help but feel entirely positive about the train, which is still about 3 years from completion. For a long time, I didn't own a car, and while I appreciate being able to go exactly where I want, when I want, there is a certain freedom of being a rider that I miss. This weekend we rode the Hiawatha Line with Charlie and dreamed of what it will be like to walk to our own train to ride. Next week, I will return to New York for the first time in the ten years since I moved, and second only to the food, I'm most excited to ride the train (and maybe take a crosstown bus across the park.) To ride is to be free to get lost in your thoughts. To ride leaves you free of worry that someone is smashing your window while you're parked on the street, which happens with all too great frequency around here. To ride is to free yourself from the need to control when you can't control a damn thing anyway.

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