Thursday, June 21, 2012

How to Spend Ten Bucks from Grandma

As part of the birthday activity frenzy yesterday, Charlie and I took a trip to ArtScraps. ArtScraps is like Ax-Man's crafty little sister full of random supplies that can be bought in bulk and used for all sorts of creative projects. This was our first trip and Charlie was bouncing off the walls in excitement. He wanted everything, but I was strict about keeping to the budget of his $10 birthday cash from Grandma Karen and focusing on things that could be used up relatively quickly on projects and wouldn't contribute to the general tendency our home has towards becoming a garbage house.

The one exception to my practicality rule was a painted letter X:
Charlie said, "Let's get this X."
I said, "What will you use it for?"
He said, "I'll use it to mark the spot."

Today he's been running around saying "I'm Art Man!" Thanks, ArtScraps.

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