Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Time So Slow

The past two days have been my first days at home alone with Charlie. Yesterday I looked outside on a lovely summer morning and realized that these days are open, slow and precious. The house feels like a cabin in the woods and my little companion is quiet and kind in his demeanor. We are like two hermits, partners in solitude.

Each day, I have thought about venturing out into the world beyond home and garden, and each day I have declined. I don't want to see other people and shatter the illusion that Charlie and I are the only two creatures on earth. I certainly don't want to get into my car. Instead, I make food, doze on the couch, nurse my young friend upon request, let him stare into my face during his brief periods of alertness, water the garden, and listen to music.

This quiet will change tomorrow evening, with the changing tide of what will be my weeks during the summer. Ellis will return, and soon after Nate will follow. Life will become boisterous as we slip into the weekend. I may think about returning some of the phone calls that I've ignored and acknowledge that the larger world exists. I will likely enjoy it.

But present always, will be my Charlie. My anchor into the quiet life, the present moment, the pure pleasure of slowness.


Julie said...

I'm glad you've found such a quiet, peaceful space in which to enjoy your new son.

And this post helped answer a question I'd had: whether to call you, or not! I hate to interrupt during those first days. Let me know when you're ready to communicate with the world again, and I'd love to chat with you, if only for 10 minutes.

Take care!

Josh said...

Time slows when life is most worthwhile. It speeds up when the routine of each day starts to become a vortex. Better not to wake up five years later with no memory of what happened. Better to slow it down and be with the rest of us and Charlie.

We really like you best.

-- Your Family

butterflydiamondpancake said...

There is nothing like a new baby. Reading your blog made me think of my own days with a little one. How can days be so quiet yet so loud all at once? Or so slow and so fast? Sit back and enjoy the ride. Someday your going to miss this.