Sunday, November 1, 2009

Things I'm Loving Right Now

  1. Doing math homework with Ellis - telling time, counting money, addition and subtraction facts that we make into a game by timing it.
  2. Charlie's ways - hearing him say "Hi, Mama," doing high fives, how he grabs his sock doll Nik (made with love by Mama) and his blankie and lies down on the floor when he's tired.
  3. Working out at the YMCA. My father-in-law gave us the gift of a family membership. This is almost completely wiping out the blues that come from the shortened days and a stressful work schedule.
  4. Watching the Vikings play (and mostly win) every week with Josh. Keeping running commentary and giving each other "High Favres" when good things happen.
  5. Slowly making progress on house projects that have been on the waiting list for a long time. Looking forward to this month's bathroom remodel (so long nasty floor!)

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