Sunday, May 2, 2010


It's lilac time already. With the warm April we had it has come a little early this year. I love to clip them from our bush and bring them inside so the whole house is filled with their perfume. I love to go on walks with the kids and stop and smell the lilacs together.
Because I love lilacs so much their appearance always brings back a flood of memories from lilac time in previous years. The photo above is from the end of May 2008 in the final stretch of my pregnancy with Charlie. My favorite memories of lilacs are from that magical time at the end of each spring semester in college when campus was filled with flowering trees and bushes. There were final exams to think about, but aside from that, no one had a care in the world. Days consisted of lounging on the grass, drinking beer with friends, kissing boys you always wanted to kiss before they graduated, and general meandering. Lilacs are a symbol of everything that is hopeful, delightful, and easy.
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