Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lucky Thirty-Seven

We drove southwest to Blue Mounds State Park. We soaked up the prairie and saw bison from a distance. There was a point in history when this landscape dominated the southwestern part of Minnesota - an ocean of grasses and flowers and bison like black flies all over the hillside. I reflect on the stories that preceded me in this place, tragic and triumphant. I reflect that the land goes on, more eternal than me or my little family. Our footsteps fade in the dust. I am grateful to be conscious of the transitory nature of my life so I can fully enjoy these sweet beautiful moments. I want to dedicate the time I am given to add to the human legacy of love and compassion so that this legacy outweighs the blight of ignorance and cruelty. This is our only chance to be eternal.


Val Foltz said...

this is lovely. words + pictures. happy birthday, dear friend.

Musings@MidLife said...

Lucky 37, indeed. What lush memories you are creating in your life, for yourself and your family. Much love and light to you, Charlotte. xo