Thursday, May 31, 2012

Name Play

 Old What's His Name at 5 Weeks (this much cuteness should be illegal)

When we were picking baby names we thought that Isaac might bear the nickname Ike. He may at some point in his life, but we have a family tradition of playing with nicknames (and word play in general). Since I am the worst culprit for this, Isaac has been called many names in the past five weeks:

Isey (eye-zee) - his primary nickname, so much so that Charlie corrects strangers who say Isaac. Nate and Ellis made a brief play for Izzy as a scheme to procure free ice cream from our favorite local ice cream shop. I put the kibosh on that, mostly because there are too many Isabelles called Izzy these days. Plus it just doesn't suit him.

Mos Eisley - my brain went there from Isey. Must be all the Star Wars Charlie insists on watching lately. I swear, though, he is not a "wretched hive of scum and villainy."

Eyser Geyser and Eyser B'Geyser (and sometimes Eyser Pee Geyser - anyone who has changed the diaper of an  infant male knows the origin of this variation). Lately this has morphed simply into B'Geyse (buh-guys).

Eisenhower - see, Ike is still in there somewhere. Papa in his inimitable coolness started this one.

Bunny - I started calling him this in utero during the third trimester. It started after we read the bedtime story "The Dreaming Bunny" by Margaret Wise Brown (and often morphs into Bunny Bun Bun like a character in that story). It also has roots in the lyric "but Bunnie I loved you" from the Morrissey song "Now My Heart is Full." Similar to Boonie, which I've called Charlie for ages, and, like Boonie, I tend to use it for the other boys, too (including Josh).

I also admit that when I'm particularly sleep-deprived, I just call him Charlie.
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