Friday, May 18, 2012



As the weather seems determined to tumble into summer before May even comes to a close, we are grateful for the following:
  • The long hours of daylight meaning more outside family time even on weekdays.
  • So much access to the river banks right in our own city.
  • Old craggy twisty trees for climbing.
  • Shoes that are easy to kick off.
  • Bikes and bike paths and a good patient teacher to help expand skills and independence for a more cautious rider.
  • A curious caterpiller named Hungry that found a nine-year-old's hands a good place to explore and was given a new home in Mom's prairie garden.
  • The relative ease of carrying a ten pound baby in a sling on the outside rather than inside my body.
  • River kayakers that spark the imagination with ideas for future summers.
  • Watching them love being out in nature as much as we do.

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