Sunday, December 12, 2010

Epic! Brutal! (aka SnoMFG)

Ok. I have no idea where I'm supposed to park my car right now. St. Paul snow emergencies are usually pretty clear (unlike the byzantine rules those folks across the river have to bear), but this is not a usual snow emergency. We got 16.3 inches (enough to collapse the roof of the Metro dome). This morning everyone on our block was out shoveling the street so we could move our cars in advance of the plows. At 9:57 p.m. our street still hasn't been plowed. Now a brand-new snow emergency has been called and theoretically we're supposed to move our cars from the night plow route (that is clear) back onto our unplowed street to get stuck again. Huh? There's an absolutely brilliant tome right now on the city's website about the snow emergency. It is written with great pathos by some beleaguered city worker who has clearly been yelled at by too many people today, but having laughed my way through it, I'm still left with "huh?" (I saved a copy of this tome because it's such a great specimen of raw unprofessional writing so if it's off the site by tomorrow and you want to read it, just let me know).
The confusion has been brutal, the shoveling has been brutal, the cold has been brutal. However, this was one epic snowstorm. I just spent two days stuck in the house with my kids and I am still laughing at their antics and the things they say. I remembered how much I love my neighbors when we all figured out together how to get through the rutted streets and the 4 ft. berm to move our cars. All is well.
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