Sunday, August 26, 2012

Four Months Old

It's funny to see weather headlines proclaiming things like "Isaac to Wreak Havoc on the U.S." I picture my little baby Godzilla pounding the coast with his flailing legs and fists, his tears pouring like rain over the indignity of a wet diaper. It appears the news is as obsessed with Isaac as we our with our own darling hurricane in the making.
He's developing some heft. Papa calls him the Michelin Man, and I rejoice over his rolls of fat because everything he eats at this point comes from my body. I'm clearly making whole milk this time, and he cries out "ma ma ma ma" when his tummy is empty. We love his smiles, coos, and nasally laugh. When we take him out, people are drawn to him, but usually the feeling is not mutual. He's still a mama's boy, but is starting to realize that his dad and brothers are not so bad. He will allow them to adore him...sometimes.

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