Monday, August 27, 2012

Gooseberry Falls State Park

Last year, we waited too long to do our annual day trip to the north shore of Lake Superior. Morning sickness set in and it never happened. Since Josh is off to Alaska next weekend, this was our last chance before school starts to head up, so we seized the opportunity even though the drizzle was pretty steady for most of the drive.

Our goal was a cookout at Gooseberry Falls State Park. Turns out the rain earlier in the day meant the park was a lot less crowded than usual. We found the perfect spot with an amazing view of the lake. The weather complied and dried up just in time for us to start our fire. We alternated our time between wandering the beach and cooking hot dogs.
The nice thing about a day trip is that you can get the kids out of the situation when the post-toasted-marshmallow freak out happens. When they crash in the car and sleep all the way home, Josh and I get to enjoy uninterrupted conversation.
And I love it  when, the next day at home, we all still smell like campfire.
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