Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Garden Journal

I have wanted to start a garden journal for some time now. I need a place to keep track of the things I have planted and what I have learned during the growing season. All those fleeting thoughts and ideas that come to me while I'm digging in the dirt need a permanent place that I can look back on in late winter and benefit from this year's lessons for next year's garden planning.

And speaking of late winter, I can use the proof that there were once tomatoes growing in the yard as a jumping off point for dreaming of spring when things get really rough.

There are immediate benefits, too. The garden journal feeds the obsession I have with my garden right now. Not only do I get to work in the garden for hours on end, I get to write about it, muse about it, and fixate on it when I can't be out there. Double the pleasure!

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