Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New In The Garden

We've reached the time of year when I cannot stop adding plants to the garden. If you see me at a garden store, I beg you to intervene.

This week, I've added some new friends to the herb garden. Two, hopefully will return in future years with the other perennial herbs. Behold, lavender (I have plans for you that include drying with mint and bee balm for tea to get me through the winter):

Also, salad burnet, (soon to be joining my lettuce at a table near you):

Then there are a couple of annual herbs. Perhaps I will dig them out in the fall and bring them inside, although I am a notorious indoor plant killer. At least, I will enjoy them all summer because, really what is summer but one long fresh herb bacchanalia?

Basil (pesto perpetua):

Marjoram (look at that color!):

Finally, a couple friends not of the culinary variety. There were a few gaps in my prairie bed on the boulevard, so I added some prairie smoke. They are small now, but they are going to add some unique beauty to the bed when they grow up:

Also, this pink grapefruit dianthus will join spirea, hydrangea, and achillea on the other side of the boulevard because flowers and plants are way better than lawn:

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