Thursday, June 2, 2011

Grand Ave.

There are projects brewing so we headed over to Wet Paint on Grand Avenue to get some supplies. Charlie says, "It has a hand because you put your hand in the paint and bap it on the paper!" Ages ago, when I had just moved to the Twin Cities, I lived on Grand Avenue across from the Dunn Bros. coffee shop with my friend Val. I spent a lot of time in the shops on this stretch of the street just west of Macalester College (I've also spent a lot of time married to Macalester alums, but that's another story). Those were the days of the wonderful Hungry Mind bookstore (rest in peace, dear friend).

It was fun to walk the block today and see what's new and what's the same. I'm a little bummed that the restaurant budget is cut way down in the new regime because it looks like there are some good places to eat. I'm also intrigued by Zimmerman Dry Goods as a potential place to buy something hip and cheap to wear that would make my twenty-two-year-old self insanely jealous. It's Grand Old Day this Sunday if you're into that sort of thing. It decidedly is not my kind of thing, but I'm definitely feeling nostalgic enough to return another day for some serious skulking around.
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