Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Early Crops

Sometimes the wait seems unbearable between the planting and the payoff in a vegetable garden. Lots of weeding, watering, and waiting on the way to harvest. This year seems even longer because it was such a cold wet spring. That same weather, though, has now produced a bumper crop of peas and lettuce that we are enjoying. One of the best pleasures of the early part of summer is eating sweet peas straight out of the pod. My kids make an exception to their vegetable aversions because it's just so cool to eat food we grow in our yard. Lettuce also offers a great joy because I can grab just the amount that I need and the rest stays fresh in the ground (no waste!).

We had a little dinner party on Sunday featuring these early green crops and other nosh items. I love summer cooking. All the ingredients are so fresh that it's better to showcase them very simply rather than trying to pull off complicated recipes. This time of year seems to be entirely about simple pleasures.

UPDATE: While the state government remains shutdown, the Minnesota Zoo won its appeal to stay open using the revenue they earn, so Josh was able to return to work today. As we feel grateful for this, our thoughts remain with the thousands of other state workers and their families that remain on uncertain footing.
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