Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More Nostalgia

I've enjoyed digging through my box of memorabilia in preparation for my high school reunion this weekend. The photos are surreal and seem like they are from an entirely different world from the one I live in now. For example, when was I in a Texas beauty pageant?

Just kidding. That's me all gussied up for the senior prom. Lest you think that I was a super-girly, princess-fantasy type when I was younger, I should explain that this was not a dress that I would have picked on my own. My style even in the big-haired, big-glasses late eighties and early nineties was much more crunchy. Usually, I looked like this:

(And yes, I was completely obsessed with the Beatles).

So how did a nouveau-hippie chick end up dressed like a debutante at a cotillion? My mother, my grandmother, and the sales lady at the dress store ganged up on me, and since I wasn't paying for the dress, what was I supposed to do? They were dead set on making a princess out of me for once in my life. It was kind of like one of those after school specials where they make over the tomboy into a super-glamorous girly-girl, except that it didn't stick. I was back to my old ways soon enough, because I have never been, nor will I ever be a princess.

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