Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Go-to Places

I find, especially with children, that it's good to have a series of go-to places. These are places that provide a "let's get out of the house" excursion that can be done on the spur of the moment. The requirements for go-to places for me are: close to home (walkable, bikeable, or a short drive), free, no planning required, and short prep time. I like to have a mix of outdoor and indoor spaces, depending on the weather and the season, but the outdoor excursions are certainly my favorite.

Como Lake wears the crown for the ultimate go-to place in my canon. Charlie can do about half the 1.6 mile walk around the lake on foot and complete the rest in the stroller. There's a great place to stop and throw rocks into the water (see above).

The bird-watching is excellent:

(Blue Heron)


The landscaping around the lake, which is full of all my favorite local plants, was a main inspiration for my own garden:

(Wild Bergamot -- living up to it's common name Bee Balm)

(Butterfly Weed)

I go there year round because it's such a nice simple walk and a fine example of creating natural space in an urban setting:

What's my favorite season at Como Lake? Whatever season it is now.

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