Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Charlie has become very interested in drawing and writing. He's getting good at writing some letters, but I love his drawings of people the most. I think they look like the drawings of Shel Silverstein. I'm excited to see Charlie reach this stage. Ellis has been a prolific drawer and I was hoping it would be the same with Charlie. I think it helps to have lots of paper and drawing tools around. For a while it was tricky because Charlie liked to write on the walls, furniture and windows if you didn't watch him like a hawk. He seems to have gotten over that (mostly), moving onto other ways to wreck our property.

One of my favorite drawing tools for kids is the Fisher-Price Doodle Pro. It's a magnetic board that you draw on with a metal pen and metal stampers. They can do drawing after drawing with no mess and then erase quickly and start over. It's also great for traveling. I make sure to have my camera close by to capture the real masterpieces in a more permanent way.

Kids With Teeth by Charlie McCabe
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Rita said...

Charlotte, I absolutely LOVE this! I have several sketch pads that Nina has drawn in over the years. Every time she comes, we just turn to a clean sheet and she draws whatever she wants. My favorite is her first alphabet (I call it First Font). The B has several bowls and the E has quite a few cross hatches. But then I'm a calligrapher. Just a suggestion. Michaels has cheap sketch books on sale. Be sure to date each page if you can.