Friday, September 9, 2011

Sneaky September

Can I admit that first weeks of September kick my butt every year? It's sneaky. The weather is mostly summery, but all of a sudden we have to develop a whole new routine once the school year starts. Perhaps if I could get the universe to agree to make it chilly, dark and rainy for this couple of weeks, it would be easier. I have a hard time taking things seriously in short sleeves and bare legs.

I'm just about to pick Ellis up from the last day of his first week at his new school. He's been positive and upbeat and it seems like we made a good choice. It's also been a little easier to get Nate up and on the school bus on time this year (fingers crossed for more adult brain chemistry settling in this year!). Nevertheless, my easy, lazy mornings are over for the next nine months and apparently our languid evenings as well. We've had appointments, meetings, and visitors every night this week.

I am ready to have me some weekend, everybody!

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