Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Tomatoes or Squash?

You never know what you're going to get with September. This week started out with the wading pool and here we are at midweek harvesting all the ripe tomatoes in the garden so they don't get wrecked when it drops into the thirties tonight.

The transition to fall doesn't happen all at once. I switch from sandals to shoes, but refuse to take the plunge into wearing socks. Bike riding is still preferable to the Y, but if you miss the window before the light starts to fade, evening comes fast and it's the treadmill for you. Some neighbors one street over have a makeshift pumpkin patch on their lawn, but I know that pumpkins purchased before mid-October end up more scary from mold than from carving by Halloween time.

I've committed to fall in the sense that I know there's no turning back now. I'm ready for summer to be done and to pack away the light and airy members of my wardrobe. I appreciate the time between air conditioning and heat, and not just for the reduced energy bills. Our minds tend to want to classify things into hard and fast categories. We want things to be one thing or another. Liminal times like September can be a good exercise in acknowledging the necessary existence of ambiguity.
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