Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lessons from Summer: Simple Things Can Be Special

Tri-Color Wax

I feel bad for parents with kids that are scared of the car wash. A quick trip through in the van is seven bucks worth of pure kid-friendly fun for Ellis and Charlie. I found a fancy one near by that has a digital sign that tells you where you are in the cycle. Ellis likes to read the sign out loud so we can all anticipate what will happen to our vehicle next (our favorite is the tri-color wax that splats out on the windshield in blue, yellow, and pink).

We are lucky to live in a community where there are lots of things to do, and we definitely take advantage of them as a family. Nevertheless, my favorite thing of all is to stumble upon something that fits into our everyday life that is something to relish as much as any special event or occasion. I hope that when they are grown, the boys will continue to be able to approach the mundane with pure delight.

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