Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall Break

It's a long weekend for me and the kids, so we decided to celebrate "decorative gourd season" by walking down the block to the neighborhood pumpkin patch.
We picked out a couple for carving and some little ones for playing with inside the house. Charlie will likely give the small ones names and create scenarios where they need to be rescued from imminent peril. There will be much shouting in feigned distress.
We will hold off carving until closer to Halloween. I learned the hard way once that if you carve too soon, your jack-o-lantern becomes less Halloween-spooky and more moldy-and-eaten-by-critters scary.
Sometimes random time off from the regular schedule can help you remember that it is a fine use of a day if all you accomplish is a simple adventure to collect something which has no purpose but to delight your children.

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