Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Welcome Change

The last two autumns were rough on me for various reasons and had me wondering if fall and I just don't get along. This year, however, I've been feeling much more positive about the season, enjoying every last moment of the magical light and colors before they fade away into winter.
Now, I can't vouch for how I'll feel when they do that silly daylight savings time thing and wreak havoc on light-sensitive types like me by exaggerating the already growing darkness, but if I'm going to feel good through October and November any year, this one will definitely be it. Here are some tricks that have kept me happy so far:
  •  Getting outside everyday. Keeping in touch with nature keeps me feeling more positive about its changes.
  • Dressing for the weather, not the calendar. Since temperatures have stayed so warm, I've only worn socks two times since Labor Day. Why do bare feet make me so happy? Perhaps because it makes the transition seem gentler.
  • Feeding my senses. Autumn is encouraging my creativity, with all the visual beauty inspiring my photography and the bounty at the farmer's market fueling my desire to cook delicious food.
  • Embracing slower rhythms. This working from home thing definitely suits me. Especially this time of year because I don't have to get moving in the morning until after the light comes in fully. I can also use the earlier dark as an excuse to knock off early and snuggle in with all my lovelies. Productivity is overrated.
 It makes me happy to welcome October and embrace and enjoy change rather than feeling like I'm struggling against it.

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