Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I'm Charlotte Flowers, and I approve of this blog post...

In the spirit of election season, Josh and I have taken to talking about each other and the kids in the tone of negative political ads.

"Big Spending Nate McCabe believes in entitlements for adult children that would bankrupt our family..."

"Ellis Huebner only resides in our district half the time, but he's always shown up for votes that would raise his own allowance..."

"Charlie McCabe promised to clean up his toys. Four years later, the volume of toys on our living room floor has only increased..."

"Isaac McCabe lacks the necessary experience to lead our family through these trying times."

"When the baby cries at 3:00 AM can we really trust that Josh McCabe will be ready to spring into action?"

"Call Charlotte Flowers and ask her 'Would it kill you to clean up the kitchen while you are cooking?"

Any friends out there with video skills that could help us make the full versions of these ads?

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