Friday, October 26, 2012

Half Way Through the Beginning

This boy is six months old today. He needs to slow down because mom thinks this is just going by too fast. Last week, he started eating solid food indicating his readiness by grabbing rice off my plate and stuffing it in his mouth. Charlie and I are having fun throwing all kinds of good fruits and veggies in the food processor to feed him. He's always had a voluptuous figure, so we all joke about how now he can finally start putting on weight.
If you put him down on the floor, he manages to scoot himself all over the place. We're not sure how he does it because he's not crawling. Perhaps he is part snake. He also likes to squawk in delight at things.
Going through the archives, I found pictures of me, Ellis, Charlie, and Isaac all around the six month mark. The boys and I love to look at the collage I created to note the similarities and the differences. Genetics are pretty cool.
Ladies and gentlemen is there any more perfect human specimen than a six-month old baby?

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