Monday, August 22, 2011

Camping Adventure

Friday we drove west through small towns out into the prairie to Glacial Lakes State Park for a one-night, low-key family camping trip.

Did you know that many Minnesota state parks have camper cabins that you can rent for just $50 a night?

They are lovely wooden cabins that sleep up to six people in bunk beds.

Since this was our first attempt at camping with the boys, we had a very mellow itinerary. We did a little swimming in the lake, some short walks, and cooked food over the fire. Next time, it will be tempting to rent a canoe to paddle around the lovely pristine lake.

It rained most of the evening, but we didn't mind. We were cozy in our cabin. Papa played guitar and harmonica. I read aloud chapters of Little House on the Prairie. Before going to sleep, we sat in the dark on the screen porch listening to the rain fall.

The best trips are always the simplest ones. Charlie said, "Can we do this adventure all the time?"

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