Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Highest Use of Scavenged Black Raspberries

Not to be outdone by all my pickling, Josh has found his own way to store up the good things of summer. All the wild black raspberries that were picked back in July are being put to use for tasty adult beverages to enjoy throughout the winter. Josh started making mead with friends last year and decided to branch out on his own this summer with supplies from Northern Brewer Homebrew Supply. The pictures above show part of the process for creating a black raspberry melomel (the fancy word for mead with fruit in it). He started with a plain mead (fermented honey), then transferred it and added black raspberry mash. After more fermentation, he transferred it again to clarify it and get out all the seeds and fruit mash. There's a bit more waiting and fermentation before bottling.

I joke that the mead is his new true love because upon arrival home from work in the evening he immediately goes down to check how it's faring. Of course, with that beautiful reddish purple color, he certainly picked a looker.

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