Friday, August 19, 2011

On the Bank of the Mighty Mississippi

It seems the weather gets better with each passing day. We take every chance we get to be outside. Yesterday, we headed to Crosby Park and our favorite stretch of the Mississippi River shoreline. You know it's a good place when Charlie takes his shoes off to spin, climb and run around barefoot. It was gloriously muddy. Ellis took a stick and drew pi over and over in the sand. I sat on a log watching the sun-sparkled water flow by and marveling at the gnarled exposed roots of old trees. We lingered and then took the path deeper into the woods, Ellis on his bike riding ahead and me walking with the still barefoot Charlie and the sticks, rocks and mud balls he collected along the way.

There's something about that river and those primordial-like woods that makes me feel connected in history to every moment that preceded us in that space. Our story is part of the great fabric of stories of people drawn to the power of the Father of Waters.
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Val Foltz said... starts in minnesota, at a place where you can walk across with five steps down....